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Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez of the 67 District! this is her link to FB. Thank You Melissa for coming out

to TMAC in Temescal Valley 12/11/13

12/14/13 Winter Wonderland Sports Park Click Photo to play video!


Sycamore Creek Fire Station #64

25310 Campbell Ranch Rd., Corona, CA 92883
Telephone: (951) 277-1182.
Email:  RRU.SycamoreCreek@fire.ca.gov

Fire Station 64

CLICK on Photo to see topics on fire safety & it will take you to Riverside County web site.


Sycamore Creek Official FB Page.

Sycamore Creek sales page

Sycamore Creek Lost Pets Page

Sycamore Creek

unOfficial FB Page.

Motion Sensor Video - This works! I’ve used this style to warn me about TWEEKERS

12 am to 5 am This is a great device... Tweekers are looking for stuff to steal & you can hide this to where they are not looking for it...

For the folks who don’t want to  be on Facebook - This is a NON-FACEBOOK BLOG - Feel free to express without FB GUILT!!! ;) Totally Anonymous!

Sycamore Creek Official FB Page.

Some resources for warning you & or the criminals  ----- Click Photos Play’s Videos... Thanks!

Neighborhood Watch ---- Things that can help give you warning & protect your family! Things to look out for & how to help the community of Sycamore Creek stay safer... Make friends with your neighbors & get cell phones / emails or  Facebook info - Have some block parties... These are photos of the topics we talked about & below that is the Message of: Don’t DO THIS... & when you see this - CRIMINALS & PUNKS will look @ your house as a TARGET!

Motion Sensor Video - WATCH THIS!!! - Trip the sensor & the ROBOTIC LIGHT FOLLOWS the person!!! - GREAT IDEA!

Message: Abandoned & now party house or squatters can move in FREE!

Message: Abandoned & now party house or squatters can move in FREE!

Message: Come in & just take everything PLEASE!!!

Message: Come in & just take everything PLEASE!!!

Message: I want this car for parts that I will some day use... & I have NO SECURITY SYSTEM --EVER!!!

Message: I leave the garbage cans out in front just incase someone want to use it before the next pick up trash day & I don’t really have a security system...

Message: I only use my garage door & never the front door & also do not have a family that opens the front door.

Message: Abandoned & now party house or squatters can move in FREE!

Costco Day / Night Video Cam’s 4 pack...

Get the kind you can check you house from your web cam’s...

Chris Plotz 951-667-5535 (Chris said it's okay to post his number) He's HTC / Sycamore Resident & installs Motion Sensor Lights & Video Cameras you can check from your phone!!!

Click Photos Play’s Videos... Thanks!

Brain Games TV about Getting Noticed!

This was a good turn out for Sycamore! Thank you to all for information!       Click Photos Play’s Videos... Thanks!

GREAT FUN that day...

Thank You ALL!  

Click Photos Play’s Videos... Thanks!

Video 2.

Sheriff’s Report Video 1.

Listen to Corona Police Broadcasts

WORLD DEATHS & BIRTHS Calculating every second...



STOP DOOR Knockers...Print out & post around... HA! Yes it’s a JOKE!! - & YES! - I’ve put these outside & so far NO KNOCKS or Door Bell’s... HA! HA!!! ;)


ISSUES with FEE’s & Regulations & or NEW FEE’s...! & MORE!!!